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Customized Business Software Solutions

Service Rates Schedule

Custom Programming: $60.00 per hour
  All contracted projects are based on this rate.
Onsite Service: $70.00 per hour
Onsite Service Fuel Sub-Charge: $20.00 outside 40 mile radius
ConnectWise Remote Desktop Support (rds) - Remote Desktop Support
Phone, E-mail or (rds) Support Service Plans:  
Option 1 - (On Demand) $45.00 per per incident (occurrence)
Option 2 - (Month - On Demand) $85.00 per month (limited 5 incidents per month)
Option 3 - (Monthly Contract) $130.00 per month (un-limited incidents)
 Option 4 - (Annual Contract) $1,200.00 per year (un-limited incidents)
ProServeWeb Tools Pricing: ProServeWeb Tools - Rates
Options 1 and 2 are on demand (as needed, no contract)
Options 3 and 4 are Under Contract
Not sure of the costs for support? We will let you know the expected costs up front prior to support at the time of your call.
Support Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm (cst)
Office Phone: 205-467-7427
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Custom Projects

 We perform an initial case study to determine your needs and then propose a solution. Your involved in the project from beginning to the end, so you have input on every development phase to insure that we develop to fit you.

All contracted projects are based on rates listed here.