ProEmailTools - Email Server IP Tracking Software   VPS eMail Server - IP Activity Tracking Tools Running MailEnable.

ProEmailTools - is a software solutions to track the Email Activity Log files with Automated IP Blocking of invalid login attempts. (VPS - Running MailEnable.) with an easy-to-use standalone Windows based desktop application.

You can download our product and try it out for 7 days with no obligation, you can then purchase a one time "single license to use" for just $34.95 We also offer updates at no charge, unless it's a Major Upgrade. See Support

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 We also offer a Premium Edition for $54.95. This edition requires SQL Server 2017 or higher.


  • Microsoft Windows Servers, Windows 11,10
  • Microsoft .NET 4.7 or later
  • You should be running your own Private Mail Server running MailEnable
  • SQL Server 2017 - (** ProEmailTools Premium Edition Only)

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Product History

I develop custom business software by trade and I've been doing that for over 30 years. I run all my domains and company websites using VPS and Plesk. Plesk at least with my installation installs and runs the Mail Server called MailEnable (tm) (or Mail Enable). I also have many of my clients runnnig the same basic VPS.

A brief time after my first VPS installation and setting up my websites using MailEnable as my email server, I experienced what most IT people try to avoid. My Email Server was attacked by SPAMMERS and was able to gain access through one of my email accounts. This attack was able to guess and was successful at logging in with a correct username and password. This attack was able to send out more than 300,000 SPAM emails before I knew what had happened.

After and during this experience I was able to gain a whole lot of knowledge about Plesk and MailEnable. Especially about MailEnable in hopes that this would never happen again. So, I learned how to track the MailEnable Activity and Debug Log files, I also learned how to add IPs to the MailEnable Access Deny (Block List) under SMTP Properties. Only then did I realize just how many times invalid logon attempts were hitting the mail server. I have seen over 4700 within 15 minutes from the same IP address. With hundreds of different usernames. The massage or note on such attempts is “535 invalid username or password”. So, for a long time I tried to keep track on this so I could add any IP Address that was hitting my server hard.

Well, that did not take long for me to realize that was not the best way to manage this, So, I decided to write a program to automate this by reading the MailEnable activity file every so often and add any IP addresses that was hitting more than five times to the Deny file. Once I finished this ProEmailTools and installed it, I then added more features to it and figured I could sale ProEmailTools to others that may be having this same issue. Now you must be running MailEnable on your server for this program to work.

ProEmailTools - Email Server IP Activity Tracker

Another incident occurred later that blew me away, my VPS service provider had re-booted my server in the middle of the night and I did not check that morning like I normally do. So, my ProEmailTools was not running. When I checked in on my VPS later that afternoon to my surprise a certain IP had attempted 14,710 times to logon with random username and password to my mail server. This makes the 4700 above look like child’s play. The dark web is very much in the game and can wreak havoc on your Mail Server and destroy your domain reputation if it can gain access.

ProEmailTools - Email Server IP Tracking Software


  • Setup Run Time Increments from 2 minutes, 5,10,15,30,45, One hour with 1/4 increments up to 2 Hours, then 1/2 hour increments up to 3 hours, then one hour increments to 8 hours.
  • Setup IP Hit Limit, Defaults to 5 (this blocks the IP If over this limit)
  • Setup the DENY Block File path.
  • Setup the Activity Log File path.
  • Keeps a Run and Block Status File.
  • Empty Status and the DENY Block files.
  • Manual Runs Sections
  • Review Activity Log File
  • ** Premium Edition has an Import and review feature that requires SQL Server, this allows user to Save log files and review using filters.

ProEmailTools - Email Server IP Tracking Software


ProEmailTools is easy to install and get started, all you need is .NET 4.7 or later. It's also easy to un-install if you don't like. It's truly an Easy-To-Use Stand Alone Windows Desktop Application.

Download and Pricing

You can download the full ProEmailTools product and try it out for 7 days with no obligation. The product license is activated with an activation key.

I encourage you to review the video to get the whole picture of what this software will do and why you may want to try it.

YouTube Video for ProEmailTools    Click here to view demo...