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  Download Terms and Agreement

NOTICE: EasyBee Software (herein referred to as "EasyBee Software") offers this download of ProUserNames Software product (herein referred to as "the Software") to you only upon the condition that you accept all of the terms contained in this agreement. Please read the terms carefully before selecting the “I Agree” button. By selecting the “I Agree” button, you indicate that you have read this agreement, understand it, and agree to be bound by its terms. If you DO NOT agree to these terms, then EasyBee Software is unwilling to allow you to download the Software, in which event you should not select the "I Agree" button and you should exit or close this webpage. You are under no obligation to purchase the Software by agreeing to download the Software to run the trial offer.

DISCLAIMER OF DAMAGES: Regardless of whether you accept the Software download, in no event will EasyBee Software be liable to you for any special consequential, indirect or similar damages, including any lost profits or lost data or stolen data arising out of the use or inability to use the Software even if EasyBee Software has been advised of the possibility of such damages. EasyBee Software does not claim or imply that the databases of this Software cannot be compromised. Nor does EasyBee Software offer any type of guarantee or warranty that the databases of this Software cannot be compromised. The encryption technique used in this Software is created and designed by EasyBee Software to simply make it harder for an outside source to view sensitive data such as usernames and passwords. EasyBee Software does not warrant or guarantee that the encryption technique used in this software will keep sensitive data safe or secure from any outside source.

  Please read agreement above and select I Agree to download this product...

Installation Instructions:

ProUserNames is easy to install and get started, it should install all the software support files required including .NET 3.5 (if needed), Microsoft Report Viewer and Microsoft PowerPacks, you may need to accept and allow the installation of some of these Microsoft products.

IF YOU Have Trouble Installing?

Windows 8 or 10 Users - You will need to make sure .NET 3.5 is activated on the Control Panel Advanced Settings before installing this product...

You may be required to install Microsoft Visual Basic Power Packs first, then install ProUserNames. (see links above)

You may be required to install Microsoft Report Viewer first, then install ProUserNames. (see links above)

After allowing the download to RUN... Accept all defaults and select the Unzip Button.

This will extract several files and start the ProUserNames Setup...

Accept All Defaults and continue to Run the Installation... You may need to accept and install other Microsoft support products... Just allow and follow prompts...

 After installation, you should find a new icon on your desktop, the default password is admin