Service Rates.

Custom Programming: $65.00 per hour
  All contracted projects are based on this rate.
Onsite Service: $70.00 per hour
Onsite Service Fuel Sub-Charge: $20.00 outside 40 mile radius
ConnectWise Remote Desktop Support (rds) - Remote Desktop Support
Phone, E-mail or (rds) Support Service Levels and Optional Plans  
On Demand Section  
Rate Level 1 - (On Demand Single) $65.00 per incident ** (single increment of 15 minutes, under 1/4 hour)
Rate Level 2 - (On Demand Double) $85.00 per incident (two increments of 15 minutes, under 1/2 hour)
Rate Level 3 - (On Demand Triple Plus) $110.00 per incident (three to four increments of 15 minutes, under 1 hour)
Rate Level 4 - (On Demand Hourly Rate) $75.00 per hour (Two hour Minimum, $150.00)
Under Contract Section  
Option 1 - (Monthly Contract) $165.00 per month (un-limited incidents) (Minimum of Three Months)
 Option 2 - (Annual Contract) $1,200.00 per year (un-limited incidents)
** Rate Levels are considered the base of increment increases. Overage is subject to the next rate level.
** Support Call is considered a single incident or event. Rate Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 are on demand (as needed, no contract)
** Increments is considered 1-to-15-minute period or elapse of time. Options 1 and 2 are Under Contract with no limits.
Not sure of the costs for support? We will let you know the expected costs up front prior to support at the time of your call.
Support Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm (cst)
Office Phone: 205-467-7427
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Please see below for Service Terms.   

Service Terms:

** Per Incident and increments explained.

A Single Support Call is considered a single incident with one or more increments. Each increment is subject to the Rate Level as described above.

Each "increment" is rounded up to the next 1/4 hour, for example: 1 minute is one increment (under 1/4 hour), 16 minutes is two increments (under 1/2 hour).

The “per increment” is based on 1-to-15-minute time period, any time over this 15-minute time frame is considered another increment. In which case the Rate Level 2 will take effect. A third and fourth increment will invoke Rate Level 3, all other time after that invokes Rate Level 4 per hour with a two-hour minimum. The 15 minute time increment continues to be used when calculating hours as .25, .50 and .75 hours.

Upon the end of this support call, we will send you an email along with the invoice. Within that email you will find a link to pay online.
We use PayPal Card Processing Service. It is safe and secure.


  • 5 minutes is considered one increment.
  • 16 minutes is considered two increments.
  • 32 minutes is considered three increments.
  • Support call of 5 minutes – (single increment) Rate Level 1 applies $65.00
  • Support call of 20 minutes – (two increments) Rate Level 2 applies $85.00
  • Support call of 35 minutes – (three increments) Rate Level 3 applies $110.00
  • Support call of 50 minutes – (four increments) Rate Level 3 applies $110.00
  • Support call of 70 minutes – Rate Level 4 (two hour minimum) applies 2x75.00 = $150.00
  • Support call of 115 minutes – Rate Level 4 (two hour minimum) applies 2x75 = $150.00
  • Support call of 140 minutes – Rate Level 4 applies 2.5x75 = $185.50 (2.5 hours)
  • Support call of 160 minutes – Rate Level 4 applies 2.75x75 = $206.25 (2.75 hours)

 We will be happy to explain the rates before any service is rendered, time starts once you agree with the rates and terms.